Boxing Training



Product details of MCD Punch Mitt Boxing Training, Kick Boxing Gel Curved Hook and Jab Pad, Kick Pad, DMpad Pick, Kick Stand, Kick Boxing, Kick Bag, Kick Board, Kicking Bag

  • Durable and authentic leather
  • Effective and shock absorbent
  • Wrist aligned with punching stance
  • EVA Foam slabs, Adjustable straps
  • Microfiber and antibacterial
  • Clean and odor free
  • Ideal for training and sparring


    MCD boxing training Punch mitts are ideal for training sessions and protect the body while training. Constructed with synthetic leather and foam which makes them very soft but firm and being just over 5 centimetres thick can take a heavy punch. Punch Pad is sewn in parts attached where your full hand will fit and keep the fingers separated to take the force of a punch. Slightly crooked architect with assisted 4.5″ power center target. Provides superior protection for Boxing, punching, elbows and knee strikes. Comfy fit hand alcove complete with an internal palm ball for added grip and comfort. Promotes appropriates adjustments of wrists & shoulders to naturally break up a punch’s force. Finger hood prevents fingers from getting blocked. Our Punch Mitts can also be used for other contacts Sports Training and karate.



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